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Maximum quality for maximum demands Semiconductor Testing

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High-performance Probe Cards

We’re at the forefront of Probe Card innovation for reliable contacting of Wafers in the Semiconductor industry. Plus, we offer custom solutions for all Wafer Testing applications.

Highest application range: –55°C to 180°C
High frequencies up to 100 GHz
User-friendly maintenance & repair
Maximum performance plus maximum operating time
FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, STP product

Innovative solutions

Our products guarantee ultimate quality in Semiconductor production. Our cutting-edge, custom testing technologies serve as solutions for numerous applications, particularly in:

  • Automotive
  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial electronics
  • Communication 50

Our products in detail

Precision, performance, and versatility at the edge of what’s possible.

Thanks to our Vertical Buckling Beam technology, stable contact on all pad materials can be guaranteed.

With our comprehensive portfolio of Spring Contact Probes, we ensure exceptional contact quality on bumps.

Our high-performance Probe Cards address 5G frequency bands with flying colors.

The versatility of our contact solutions even enables testing of high currents.

We offer a wide range of Contact Probes for testing Semiconductor Chips. These Contact Probes are inserted into sockets where Semiconductor Chips undergo various tests. Discover precision in the smallest dimensions.

FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, ViProbe® II FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, FeinProbe® FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, LiProbe® FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, FeinProbe® FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, final testing/backend

Concentrated power for numerous industries

Driven by technology: industry-specific use cases that count on our solutions.

FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, Semiconductor industry
Industry Semiconductor production

A pivotal sector in electronics production, the Semiconductor industry is responsible for the manufacture of semiconductor components, in particular the integrated circuit (IC). These components are the foundation of many electronics including computers, smartphones, household devices, and technologies in automotive applications.

FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, automotive industry
Industry Automotive industry

Semiconductor Testing is particularly instrumental in the automotive industry, as modern vehicles are increasingly dependent on electronics. The corresponding tests ensure the quality and reliability of Semiconductors used in various vehicle functions.

FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, telecommunications industry
Industry Telecommunications

Semiconductor Testing carries great significance in the telecommunications industry, as many devices and networks are based on semiconductor technology. This type of testing guarantees the quality and reliability of Semiconductors in phones, routers, base stations, and more.

FEINMETALL Semiconductor Testing, STP product close-up