FEINMETALL Fine Pitch Probes

Fine Pitch Probes

Fine pitch probes are spring contact probes with pitches between 0.10 / 4mil and 1.00mm / 40mil.

In this pitch, direct soldering and the use of mounting receptacles is usually no longer possible. Therefore, almost all fine pitch probes are designed as double-sided spring-loaded contact probes. Fine pitch probes are installed in corresponding test sockets, which enable exact contacting of the test points. Feinmetall fine pitch probes are suitable for common components such as BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN or WLCSP. Precision and 100% quality control characterize these probes.In smaller pitches of 60 - 300µm, carrier needles (beams) are also used.

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you benefit from

Reliable contacting

Long lifetime

Low contact resistance

Consistently good quality
through automatic production

Low maintenance costs
due to high quality
of the probes

Easy installation
due to mounting in
the panel system

of FEINMETALL Fine Pitch Probes

FEINMETALL offers a wide range of fine pitch probe series and versions

  • Various materials
  • All commercially available pitches are covered
  • Non-magnetic fine pitch probes possible
  • Fully automated production with 100% quality control
  • Customized solutions possible

Picture description:
Line spacing 1.0mm each. Spring-loaded fine pitch probes with up to 0.2mm outer diameters and a length of only 3.0mm.

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