FEINMETALL High Current Solutions

High Current Solutions

High-current probes are characterised by a specific probe design with low resistance. The main focus here is to avoid a too strong temperature increase of the probes or the individual probe components and to optimise the contact to the test item.

The applications for high-current probes are diverse and range from fixture construction and wire harness testing to special applications, such as charging and discharging processes in battery production.

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you benefit from

Excellent transmission of high currents

Low contact resistances

High contact reliability

No burn-off due to silver plunger

Compensation of unevenness

High temperature resistant materials

Temperature measurements by integrated sensor

Wobble function for better connector alignment

Connection for cooling

of High Current Probes

FEINMETALL offers a huge variety of high-current probe series and versions

  • Solutions from 10 to 1000 Amps continuous current
  • Temperature application ranges from -45° to +200°C
  • Flexible designs for minimum contact resistance
  • Basic probes, coaxial probes or contact blocks
  • Solutions with temperature sensors or cooling options
  • Customized solutions

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