ICT / FCT Contact Probes

FEINMETALL offers a wide range of finest contact probes, up to the limits - and beyond.

While ICT (in-circuit test) contact probes are used to test components, FCT (functional test) contact probes can be used to test entire assemblies.

Total length (min / max)


Minimum pitch

0.6 mm

Maximum travel

10.0 mm

ICT Contact Probes

During in-circuit testing (ICT), each component of an electronic assembly is checked for faults. Short circuits, interruptions, soldering or component faults are detected and assemblies are rejected according to a go/no-go test.

FCT Contact Probes

During functional testing (FCT), the assemblies are tested completely or in partial areas for the intended operation. The function test of the modules is carried out in the end application or in an environment that simulates the end application.

you benefit from

Increased first pass yield 

Longer life cycle

Low contact resistance

Constant (low) contact resistance over life time

Reduced maintenance time and costs

Easy mounting and replacement with suitable tools

of  ICT / FCT Contact Probes

Assembled and Bare Printed Circuit Boards

Test equipment for assembled standard PCBs, multilayer and other special PCBs as well as unassembled PCBs (bare board).

Standard Contacting of Pins, Pads and Vias

Test equipment for all types of devices under test (DUT) such as component pins, solder pads, vias and others.

Single and Dual Stage Contacting

Range of different lengths of test equipment for single and dual stage contacting as well as for compensating other height differences.

FEINMETALL offers a huge variety of ICT / FCT series and versions

Depending on the test item, the application and the operation conditions, Feinmetall provides the optimal solution

  • International standard contact probes
  • Metric contact probes
  • Progressive Series for difficult conditions
  • Flying probes
  • Bead probes
  • Bare board probes
  • Fine pitch probes

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