FEINMETALL Kelvin Probes

Kelvin Probes

For 4-pole measurements according to the Kelvin method, coaxially constructed spring contact probes are very suitable, where the outer conductors impress a current and the voltage can be measured by the inner conductors. A typical application is the measurement of low impedance resistors, especially in narrow spaces.

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you benefit from

High measuring accuracy

Space saving measurement

Kelvin probes for small pitches

Kelvin probes for high currents

Kelvin probes for common connector types

Special customized designs

of FEINMETALL Kelvin Probes

FEINMETALL offers an interesting range of Kelvin probe series and versions

  • Ring contact from filigree (1.0mm) to robust (25.0mm)
  • Continuous currents up to 300 Amps
  • Pluggable, screwable or flange mountable
  • Mounting receptacles for solderless changing of probes available
  • Customized solutions possible

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