FEINMETALL Pogo Connectors

Pogo Connectors

Battery and charging contacts are often also called pogo connectors or simply short travel probes due to their compactness and their short travel.

Pogo Connectors

They are particularly suitable as charging contacts and as interfaces for data transmission. But Pogo Connectors are also used in many end products where low-wear electrical contacts are required. Wherever quick-release electrical connections are needed, pogo connectors can be a clever solution. From charging rechargeable batteries, to applications in medical technology, all the way to use in the furniture and lighting industry.

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you benefit from

Quickly removable electrical connection

Short travel and very compact design

High contact reliability, good transmission of high currents

Low contact resistances

Good signal transmission in case of vibrations

High temperature resistant materials, good solderability

Long mechanical lifetime

Different mounting options

Various connection options

Applications of
Pogo Connectors

FEINMETALL offers a huge range of pogo connector series and versions

  • From filigree (0.7mm) to robust (5.0mm)
  • Up to a total length of only 2.7mm
  • Available in plug-in, threaded and floating versions
  • Can be soldered on, soldered in, pressed in or mounted with receptacle
  • Temperature suitable from -45° to +200°C
  • Customised solutions possible (blocks, taped)

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