Switch Probes

Switch probes are particularly used for presence testing of components. They open or close an electrical connection between the inner and outer conductor after reaching a defined spring travel (switch travel).

Feinmetall offers different types of switch probes:

  • Switch probes with off-on-off characteristic
  • Switch probes with rolling ball head (NO)
  • Standard switch probes (NO/NC)

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you benefit from

Simple and economical component detection

Switch probe exchange without soldering

Different mounting options

Solutions for lateral contacting

Solutions for mounting from the back

Solutions for low construction heights

Plug-in and screw-in variants

Isolated variants

Variants for lateral movement

of FEINMETALL Switch Probes

FEINMETALL offers a huge selection of switch probe series and versions.

  • From filigree (1.0mm) to robust (8.0mm)
  • Switch probes as NC, NO or off-on-off principle
  • Mounting receptacles available for solderless replacement of probes
  • Switch probe with pneumatic operation
  • Switch probes with ball head for lateral contacting
  • Can be plugged-in or threaded
  • Can be screwed in from the back

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