FEINMETALL Wire Harness Probes

Wire Harness Probes

As a market leader, Feinmetall offers the largest product portfolio of application-specific contact probes and accessories for test module construction and wire harness testing. With innovative and economical solutions, we meet customer requirements and set trends in wire harness testing technology.

Types of contact probes for wire harness and connector test:

  • Switch probes (more)
  • Threaded probes
  • Step probes
  • Twist proof probes
  • Push back probes
  • Position sensor systems
  • Kelvin probes
  • RF probes
  • High current probes

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of Wire Harness Probes

FEINMETALL offers a wide variety of wire harness probes for each application

  • Threaded probes and step probes from fine to robust
  • Switch probes (normally closed, normally open or off-on-off)
  • Twist proof probes
  • Push back probes with high spring forces
  • Coaxial Kelvin probes
  • Radio frequency probes for RF signal transmission
  • Position sensor systems for exact position measurements
  • LED contact probes for guided terminal insertion

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