PCB Contacting


Wherever electronics are involved, they must also be functionally tested.

Contact probes are used for the safe contacting of electronic components in the test field - and are accordingly test equipment for the electronics industry. In the past, the printed circuit board (PCB) test was usually carried out in two test stages. First, bare PCBs were tested for short circuits (in-circuit) using nickel-plated bare board probes. Then the function was tested with gold-plated loaded board probes.
In-circuit (ICT) and functional test (FCT) are now often performed in two stages on the same fixture. Common for this application are the American inch pitches 50mil, 75mil and 100mil in different lengths and spring travels.

Contacting of PCBs

In order to contact all test points with suitable contact probes, not only basic probes in different pitches are required, but also switch probes, high current probes or probes for RF applications.

Variety of our Contact Probes

Feinmetall offers a variety of contact probes for the most diverse requirements in testing printed circuit boards. Different lengths, diameters, tip shapes, spring forces , materials as well as mounting options offer solutions for almost all applications.

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Coaxial Contact Probes

For the four-pole measurement on printed circuit boards, specially designed coaxial contact probes have been developed. Depending on the requirements, we offer versions for pressing in, screwing in or also with twist protection.

For high-frequency measurements on printed circuit boards (PCB´s), specially developed coaxial RF probes are used.

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