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Feinmetall Herrenberg


50 years
quality and

1964. Establishment of FEINMETALL, to begin with as a specialist for the production of high-tech watch springs.
1974. Production of the first spring contact probes as a test medium for the electronic industry.
1980. Development of the first tests heads with "Buckling Beam" Technology for contacting ceramic substrates.
1983. Centra-Bürkle takes over FEINMETALL.
1985. Launch of the first epoxy probe cards for the wafer test.
1997. Wolfgang Bürkle becomes managing director.
1997. The launch of the ViProbe® (vertical probe card) represents a technological leap in micro level contact-making.
1998. Setting up an assembly plant for contact probes in the Czech Republic.
2006. Establishment of subsidiaries in Singapore and Taiwan for distribution and servicing probe cards in Asia.
2006. Construction of a new production facility in the Czech Republic.
2009. Establishment of a sales subsidiary for contact probes in Mexico.
2012. Expansion of the business division for contact probes in Asia, and establishment of subsidiaries in Shanghai and Shenzhen.
2014. 50 years of precision and quality - that´s a reason to celebrate!
2016. Extensive modernization of production rooms and plants in clean room environment.
2018. New production facility in Herrenberg, foundation of a production plant in Tunisia.
2019. Dr. Peter Geiselhart becomes Managing Director, Wolfgang Bürkle joins the Advisory Board.