Battery Cell Contacting


Development and production of battery cells

Contacting solutions for round cells, pouch cells and prismatic cells

In development and production of battery cells, the challenges for contacting technology are enormous. On the one hand, the charging and discharging processes require very high currents, often over a long period of time. On the other hand, the contacts must be adapted to the geometry of the battery cells to allow many battery cells to be contacted next to each other. In addition, voltage measurement must usually be carried out in parallel with the charging or discharging current. Temperature monitoring directly at the contact point is also often required. These challenges demand innovative solutions.

Contacting of Round Cells

For the contacting of round cells of the type 18650, 21700 and 26650 we offer an expandable cell fixture in modular design for the individual laboratory test.


  • Modular design => One basic fixture can be combined with various interchangeable contact probe holders
  • Variable adjustment of cell diameter and cell length
  • Adjustment of the contacting via hand lever
  • Several single fixtures can be combined to a multiple fixture by means of tongue and groove.

In addition, we can also provide high-current solutions for series testing.

Contacting of prismatic or pouch cells up to 600 A continuous current

The new and modular contact block HC01 allows the use in applications up to 600 A continuous current. This contact block was developed in particular for contacting prismatic cells and pouch cells and can be equipped with sense contacts and/or temperature sensors depending on customer requirements.

Contacting of prismatic or pouch cells up to 300 A continuous current

The coaxial high-current probe HC04 was developed especially for contacting during the formation of battery cells, for incoming goods inspection and for end-of-line testing. It also has a modular design and can also be supplied with two sense pins, with temperature sensor or compressed air cooling.

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