Contact Probes in Products


Pogo connectors are compact contact probes
with low travel

They are particularly suitable as battery or charging contacts and as interfaces for data transmission. But pogo connectors are also used in many end products where low-wear electrical contacts are required. Wherever quick-release electrical connections are needed, pogo connectors can be a clever solution. From the charging of rechargeable batteries, to applications in medical technology, all the way to use in the furniture and lighting industry.

Interfaces in Products

Whether in industrial robots, test systems or in industrial tool changing systems - in all these cases, docking must be safe. The high load requires a particularly robust and contact-safe connector system. Small, robust and contact-safe spring contacts have been developed especially for these applications.

Contacts in Lighting and Furniture

More and more electronics are also finding their place in lighting systems and furniture. Contact bars, motion detectors, charging stations and much more. Our small, robust and contact-safe spring contacts offer a wide range of solutions for these applications.

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For Charging or Data Transmission in Gadgets - Reliable and Sophisticated

Technology changes, devices evolve and develop. Of course, this also applies to all the mobile devices and gadgets we use every day.  In addition to charging, fast data transmission is needed. We offer the right contact solutions for the increasingly smaller interfaces.

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Semiconductor Contacting

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Connector Contacting

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