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Our core competencies perfectly combined

Special contacts such as test heads, test sockets or interface blocks are typical products in which Feinmetall's core competences are optimally combined.
Profound contacting know-how and the availability of a wide range of contact elements are the basis for reliable and long-lasting contacts.
In addition to standard components, we develop and manufacture customer-specific special contacting units, also in small series.

Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with a proposal for an optimal contacting solution.

We offer:

  • Special adaptions with fine pitch spring contact probes
  • Test heads with spring contact probes for contacting pitches down to 50 mil
  • Test heads for finer pitches in buckling beam technology
  • Test heads and contact blocks for high current applications
  • Special contacts for radio frequency applications
  • Customer specific interfaces (e.g. pogo towers or pogo rings)
  • Standard contact blocks in different versions, also customer specific

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