FEINMETALL strengthens its
presence in the USA

FEINMETALL proudly states the expansion of its business in the United States - FEINMETALL North America

With the launch of FEINMETALL North America, the company is ensuring even more customized support on the West Coast as well as the East Coast.


FEINMETALL, the world's leading provider of precision contacting solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its business in the United States with the launch of FEINMETALL North America. This will enable the company to provide even more customized support on the West Coast as well as the East Coast. This will allow for a better focus on the business units, allowing the new subsidiary FEINMETALL North America to focus on the spring contact probes market, and the existing subsidiary FEINMETALL USA to focus on the semiconductor market.

Under the leadership of John Winter, a well-known figure in the industry with over 25 years of experience, FEINMETALL North America will excel in the field of spring contact probes. Winter's deep expertise and extensive experience in the industry are expected to be instrumental in driving the subsidiary's growth and success in providing innovative solutions to customers.

Due to increasing demand for reliable and accurate test solutions, FEINMETALL North America, under Winter's leadership, is expanding its distribution network to provide customers with state-of-the-art contacting solutions and related services in the automotive, e-mobility, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

By establishing a local presence on the East Coast, FEINMETALL is able to offer enhanced support and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers in this region.

At the same time, the subsidiary FEINMETALL USA will continue to focus on the semiconductor market. Through the existing presence of the FEINMETALL USA site and its comprehensive product portfolio, FEINMETALL USA remains committed to supporting the changing needs of the semiconductor industry and driving innovation.

The establishment of the new FEINMETALL North America site reflects our commitment to serve the North American market even more effectively. By strategically aligning our subsidiaries with specific market segments, FEINMETALL l strives to provide industry-leading solutions and exceptional customer experiences across the country.

FEINMETALL North America and FEINMETALL USA represent the company as a competent partner at eye level, solving the specific needs of its customers with technological advantage, highest precision, and reliability.

With the strengthening of its presence in the United States, FEINMETALL GmbH is turning over a new leaf with the goal of further expanding future aspirations to promote innovation, serve diverse markets, and strengthen valuable partnerships across the country.