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Feinmetall and Cotelec enter into a distribution partnership for France

The manufacturer of contacting technology Feinmetall GmbH and the French supplier of electronic components Cotelec have agreed on a partnership for the distribution of Feinmetall contact probes in France.


With this cooperation, Feinmetall intensifies its proximity to customers in France and strengthens its international presence. This step will enable Cotelec to expand its range of contact probes and offer its customers contacting solutions at the highest technical level.

Stronger presence in France

"We are very pleased to have this opportunity to serve our French customers even better and, above all, to have a direct local contact. This strengthens our presence in France. This not only allows us to provide optimum customer advice in the local language, but also optimizes our ability to deliver," says Hans-Albert Büsse, Director International Sales, about this new cooperation. Cotelec is well established in France with years of in-depth experience in the electronics industry and will also build up its own stock of FM products locally to ensure rapid delivery.

Highest quality for the French market

"For us, the cooperation with Feinmetall is an important new step into the future. With the highest quality, extensive product portfolio and deep expertise in contacting technology, Feinmetall is an ideal partner for us, through which we can offer contact probes for all conceivable applications, whether for PCB, harness testing or even high-current contacting, whether for fine pitch, high currents or high frequencies," emphasize the two Cotelec managing directors Marielle Garcia and Bertrand Quero.

The cooperation between Feinmetall and Cotelec will start on February 1, 2022. Until now, the French market has been served from Feinmetall's headquarters in Germany; the desire for more customer proximity and on-site consulting directly in France was one of the reasons for this step.

Feinmetall has been a leading manufacturer of contacting solutions for the electrical, automotive and semiconductor industries for over 55 years. Its extensive portfolio of contact probes includes common test probes for PCB testing as well as a comprehensive range of fine pitch probes, pogo contacts, switching probes, latching probes, high current probes and high frequency probes. Feinmetall operates internationally and, in addition to its headquarters in Germany, has seven other subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, China and Singapore, as well as a worldwide network of competent sales partners.

Cotelec has been on the market for 30 years as a supplier of components for the electronics industry and is a competent contact in France. Customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • Strong understanding of customers
  • High local presence
  • Technical expertise and excellent advice
  • Competent support of projects in every phase

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