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Semiconductor Contacting

Our contact probes and probe cards enable contacting for the test of semiconductor wafers and microchips - always at the edge of feasibility.

Connector Contacting

Connector testing sets high requirements for electrical and mechanical functionality of contact probes. Our strength is experience and variety, whether for automotive or radio frequency applications.

PCB Contacting

Testing PCBs sets high demands on the quality and durability of contact probes. We take up these challenges successfully, whether under difficult conditions, at high frequencies or high currents.

Battery Cell Contacting

Clever concepts for contacting are required not only for testing, but also for the formation of battery cells. Expert knowledge and years of experience are our strengths in this context.

Contacts in Products

So small and yet so important! This could be the motto of spring-loaded connectors, which can be found in almost all products today. We also have the right solution for your application. For sure.

Contacting technologies
in all dimensions

Finest Top Technology
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Our strengths are various, and so are our products. From modular contacting for the highest currents and frequencies to hair-thin semiconductor contacting. We are always happy to take on new challenges.

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Semiconductor Industry

Our increasingly digital and mobile world thrives on innovations in the semiconductor industry, which is characterized by extremely fine structures and ever higher frequencies. Feinmetall supplies contacts for these applications at the limits of what is possible.

Electrical Industry

We all want to be able to rely on the highest quality of our electrical and electronic devices in everyday life. With sophisticated contacting for test engineering, Feinmetall makes a very important contribution to achieve this.

Automotive Industry

Automotive electronics is becoming more and more digital, modern assistance systems provide safety and comfort, reliability has top priority. Feinmetall is the world leader in suitable contacting solutions.


FEINMETALL Singapore – New Management

FEINMETALL, the world's leading provider of contact solutions, announces an organizational change in the management of its subsidiary in Singapore.


FEINMETALL strengthens its presence in the USA

FEINMETALL proudly states the expansion of its business in the United States - FEINMETALL North America.


Change in the management at Feinmetall

There is a change in management at Feinmetall. Dr. Peter Geiselhart will hand over the management of Feinmetall to younger hands on October 1, 2022.


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