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Semiconductor testing (Wafer Testing)

ViProbe® II

With multiple lifetime extension options and various security features for the wafer, the ViProbe®II brings all the advantages of the ViProbe® to the next level

Technical data

Min. pitch of the DUT 50 µm
Min. diameter of the plunger 1,6 mil
Max. contact surface 105 mm x 105 mm
Temperature -55°C...+180°C
Current carrying capability at RT 800 mA
Contact force at rec. OD 2,4 cN - 10,8 cN
Material compatibilities
Material compatibility 1 Gold
Material compatibility 2 Palladium
Material compatibility 3 Diverse
Material compatibility 4 Solder ball
Material compatibility 5 Aluminium
Material compatibility 6 Copper

Probe Card Service

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