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Semiconductor testing (Wafer Testing)


Lamella probes offer various advantages in terms of RF and force requirements. The short length of the probe as well as the flexible amount of lamellae makes it the perfect solution for sophisticated applications.

Technical data

Min. pitch of the DUT 60 µm
Max. contact surface 105 mm x 105 mm
Temperature -55°C...+180°C
Current carrying capability at RT 1300 mA
Contact force at rec. OD 1,4 cN - 3,8 cN
Bandwidth analog @ -1dB limit 100 GHz
Material compatibilities
Material compatibility 1 Gold
Material compatibility 2 Palladium
Material compatibility 3 Diverse
Material compatibility 4 Solder ball
Material compatibility 5 Aluminium
Material compatibility 6 Copper

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